Echo began as a public relations firm, and we continue to offer PR services to our clients. However, today, PR works in concert with social media and search engine marketing disciplines to create campaigns that influence audiences, ignite brands and deliver results.


The relationships we develop on behalf of our clients with the news media is still one of the most important factors influencing the success of our efforts. The Echo team works tirelessly to find the right journalist, blogger or industry influencer, craft the perfect messages specific to each of them, and nurture those relationships. The result is press coverage that appears in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.


Compelling messages are only effective if they are delivered passionately and thoughtfully. Echo’s team not only has experience with the news media and as spokespersons themselves, but also has trained some of the most dynamic and successful CEOs in business.


No company is immune to a crisis scenario. Often in an emergency, a company’s response is hampered by out-of-date contact information, untrained staff, or slow methods of emergency notification. With a solid and thoughtful crisis communications plan, our clients greatly increase their chances of successfully navigating through the chaos of a crisis scenario.


Echo’s expert team of writers create compelling stories for our clients, which then take many forms: press releases, pitches, fact sheets, by-lined articles, press briefing documents, and any other item needed for clear and compelling communication with the news media and industry trades.


We now consume most of our information and brand experiences through the computer or handheld device, but most of us still crave face-to-face human interaction. This is why events are still an important ingredient in reaching and influencing audiences. Echo drives all aspects of events, from concept creation to planning to management, and ties in all other marcom elements, including PR, social, search engine marketing and design to the overall event production.